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How to Take the Cabbage Soup Diet Effectively and Safely

The Cabbage Soup Diet, formerly known as the Model’s Diet, is considered to be a quick fix solution for people who want to lose weight. It is also called the Wonder Soup, Miracle Soup, and Weight Watcher Soup Diet, as it can help you lose up to 10 pounds in just one week. This diet is perfect for you if you want to slim down before an event or jump-start a long-term diet plan.

The Cabbage Soup Diet – Getting the Best Possible Results

If you are someone who is about to try this popular diet plan, or you have done it already but did not get the outcome you were expecting, you can follow these tips on how to take the Cabbage Soup Diet in a safe and effective manner.

  • Follow the diet plan strictly. First off, if you wish to get great results, you should follow the diet plan to the dot. Some people fail to get the end result that they want, and it is usually because of them adding things that are not in the plan. For instance, if the plan states that you should eat only fruits on that specific day, then you really should not consume anything other than fruits within the entire day.
  • Eat as much as you want of the foods involved in the diet. Keep in mind that you are not forced to go hungry when doing the Cabbage Soup Diet. It is not diet for starvation and you may have as much as you can handle of the foods that are allowed on each day, which means you can enjoy 3 to 4 big bowls of soup or a cluster of bananas and can have more if you still feel hungry. This week-long diet plan is very low in calories, so it is highly likely to cause you to lose weight quickly if you can stick with it.
  • Do not include salt to your foods. Do not also include salt substitutes, table salt, sea salt, or seasoned salt. Do not add any of this salt to your soup or veggies or tomatoes or baked potato or protein source. You can add any other spices that you like, except salt.
  • Don’t drink anything but water. While the cranberry juice and vegetable juice are optional, they do contain calories. Therefore, if you do not want to drink calories, then you should stick to water only. Follow the meal plan while drinking 8 glasses of water each day and you will lose weight fast.
  • Take a daily multivitamin. A daily multivitamin is usually recommended, as the Cabbage Soup Diet can limit your nutrient intake. This diet plan lacks carbs and protein, that is why it is meant to last only a week. While it provides quick and effective results, it is not nutritionally balanced, so make sure you take a multivitamin during your diet to help you stay healthy.

Maximize Your Weight Loss

You are probably wondering whether or not the Cabbage Soup Diet will really work. Well, here are a few final advices to boost your weight loss and help you make sure that you are successful with this very affordable, fast and simple diet. With these tips in mind, the process is not as hard as you think.

  • Commit to your diet plan. If you would like to see the results that you desire on the scale and in your clothes, committing to your Cabbage Soup Diet plan is a must. One helpful technique is to keep a food journal or a record of your progress, regardless of whether you are following the quick 7-day Cabbage Soup Diet or a long-term weight loss guide. A study found that most of the women who have achieved their weight loss goals monitored their food intake by keeping a food diary.
  • Stay positive. You have to believe that YOU CAN and YOU WILL lose weight successfully. Anxiety and negativity will not help you achieve your goals. When it comes to weight loss, it is also of the utmost importance that you keep a positive attitude and celebrate your healthy accomplishments.
  • Find a buddy. It will make the process less painful if you have a loved one following the same diet plan with you. There is a lot of ways to eat healthy while your partner does not, but it would certainly be a big help when you are making conscious choices together.

Now you already have all of the information that you could possibly need to lose 10 pounds in a week. It is also highly recommended that you consult a doctor before you go on a Cabbage Soup Diet. This will help you find out if you are fit for the plan, and will also ensure that you manage to stay healthy once you start following your meal plan.

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